Comeniusmeeting “The safe School”

The 7th of October 2005

on the Beatrixschool, Haarlem in the Netherlands


The Czechs: Vlastimil, Jarmila and Marquetta.
The English: David, David and Bianca.
The Italians: Patrizia, Gabry and Cristina.
The Romanians: Nicoletta, Florena and Anca.
The Dutch; Jan and Ingrid

The program:
Thursday was a bad day for flying to Schiphol airport (fog and a bomb). Luckily everybody arrived safely after all.
Friday: In the morning we visited the classes of the school and also the performance of the Kindergarten.
Friday afternoon we had our meeting and made the agreements
Saturday was a free day: Train tickets to Amsterdam were arranged by Jan. Bianca returned to England
Sunday to an open air museum (Cultural Heritage) in Arnhem by minibus and two cars. Italians left at the end of the afternoon.
Monday: The Czechs returned to the Czech Republic. Romanians and English were visiting the classes again in the morning in school, the afternoon was spent for shopping and sight-seeing.

The project:
Ingrid apologizes for not appearing of the newsletter and calendar. (personal circumstances) 

The Netherlands:
A child has arranged a safety box with all kind of materials, educational suggestions for a safe school for this coming school year. Five involved teachers have visited Kobyli in the February school holidays last year. Three days Kobyli and 3 days Prague. A combination of study trip and holiday. (partly paid by themselves)

Every teacher has adopted a country for the multicultural week in June. Jarmila and Marie were in England then and were involved.
Four teachers have visited the Beatrixschool.

Anca wrote a play for the project “a stolen youth”.

There were no activities about the safe school in the classes last year.
Explanation of the difficulties by the change of the headmaster in the project.
The mayor of the village have also developed activities after the start of the project in the first year

Project for bullying and the “red hats” in England. The pupils feel more safe.
Jarmila and Marie have visited England.

Program for the school 2005-2006

-          Calendar:

-          Please send the dates of holidays and other special days or events as quick as possible . Then Ingrid will finish the calendar and put it on the website         

-          October- December 2005

In the first half year we do the play of Anca in our own language with our own conclusions. Use it as a format for your own safety problem, what is an issue in your school? Make a videotape, (CD, DVD) of it and send it to the other schools before Christmas. 

-          January – March 2006

-          The second half year we will develop some lessons about safety (f.i. bullying) with video’s, PowerPoint presentation, or otherwise. Using pictures  (one picture can tell more than a 1000 words can do, Comenius) 2 for each group of age is 6 lessons for each school. (4-6 / 6-9 / 10-12 / 13-15 years). Ingrid will make a format for it, so we can all use the same form. After we have made the lessons, we do them and videotape them. We send the lesson forms and the CD/ DVD/ video’s. So after the project we will have a number of lessons about safety for all different ages in the school.

-          Posters:

For the last conference in May the children make posters for “The safe school”. Each school will have a competition at their own school  first. Select 2 winning posters for each age group (4-6 years 7- 9 years 10 – 12 years 13- 14 years). At the evaluation meeting we will see which posters will win from all the schools. (we have to think about a prize for the winners).

Newsletter: Ingrid will try to make a newsletter again. We can use all kinds of material we already wrote before (introduction of the schools, the interviews with some children about the project, the introduction of the coordinators) Italy will you please send Ingrid this last thing?

Study trips:

Holland: Jan to Azores
Ingrid to the Madeira
Arjan to Birmingham
Wishes from teachers to go to Italy and England (Comeniusproject)
England      Wishes to go to another country.
Romania   No other school visits within the Comeniusproject (a problem because of the money).
Nicoletta, Anca and Florena are going (alone) to Prague, Bari and Germany
Italy          Teachers from other Comeniuspartners are welcome
Czech       No plans yet.

The final conference in May

The final conference will be in May in San Casciano, Italy (Not in April because of all the problems with tests and holidays).
Arrival at Thursday the 11th of May or the Friday of 12th May.
The meeting will be on Monday the 15th of May. 
Departure at Tuesday the 16th of May.