By Ingrid Luntz-Slooten and Jan van Leeuwen
staff o.b.s. Beatrixschool Haarlem

After 1200 km through Germany and Czech with a lot of snow beside the roads, we arrived at Kobyli. For the sixth time we explored the school with it’s beautiful drawing and other arts. We talked about the Comenius project over the last half year and in the afternoon we went a the special afternoon. The oldest children of the Kindergarden came as guests with their parents to apply to be a pupil of the Zakladni Kobily school from the 1st of september 2005.

 The 15 participating teachers were dressed in costume. So Vlastimil, the Principal was a king and the Principal of the Kindergarden a queen. With assistance of older children of Zakladni Kobyli, the little children played games and were tested for arithmetic, language and science under the supervision of their teachers. The results were put on a card and at the end they received a certificate from “ the royal family”.

In the evening we had an excellent dinner with Vlastimil, his wife and teacher Maria and Jarmila the coordinator of the Comenius project at Amaretto, the Viennese restaurant, just like the meeting 6 years ago. As a surprise we went exactly like the first visit to the wine cellar of Jara, the ex-major of Kobyli to taste the different sorts of wine.  Delicious after 7 white and 6 red sorts of wine we make a choice of our favourite wine to continue drinking. Even the Dutch guilder of Juliana we found again in the moss above (six years ago put  in the ceiling) and now with the Dutch Beatrix euro. Finally we heard the singing of beautiful Czech songs by Jarmila and Jara. With 6 bottles of our choise of wine we went to our guesthouse.

 After a very good breakfast we went to Vienna a 100 km south from Kobyli. After 2 hours and  busy traffic, we arrived at the outskirts of the town and visited the inner city by train and metro. It’s an old town with a lot of old people, sometimes we followed a leader by a long blue rope. In the afternoon we dined in the famous restaurant with indeed the biggest “schnitzels”. In the afternoon we went to the block of houses of the eccentric architect  Hundertwasser. It was very interesting with a nice shop and silly toilet. After a misty and slippery road we went that evening again with Vlastimil,Maria en Jarmila at the restaurant lead by the knights of Temple with excellent food and specially the wine. On leaving we got presents from the school: wine, cheese, etc.

The next day we went to Karlov a small ski-village in the middle of the mountains in North-East Moravia. Initially it rained, than 50 km snow and 50 km more a lot of snow! We needed our chains for some parts of the road and at the end to arrive at the hotel. It was a big hotel where 2 hours later the bus arrived with the children and  the teachers. A trip by my car in the early evening through the valley was very nice, with several separated ski/lifts at more than 5 km. 

The first evening and night was rather noisy but afterwards the children were quiet. The weather was mostly snowing. It was difficult to find the right ski lift in the different areas and only for the diehards was it nice to ski, there was to much snow, slippery ski tracks and small ski lifts. For walking was it a nice area. 

Except for the “knedli” (knödel) we had a good dinner a restaurant, with a nice ambiance. In the evening there were silly games  organised by the children, blind eating an apple by two persons, collecting clothes to make the longest chain, collecting bra’s etc.

Because of the snow we went home earlier than we planned The first part was in Czech over  narrow roads with snow and in Poland bad roads with holes. The second day in Germany it was very easy, so we arrived already in the afternoon in Haarlem.

Thanks to Vlastimil, Jarmila, Maria, Jara, Petr and the others for the nice time we have had in Czech.