Report and agreements from meeting in Kobyli October 2004


  1. Contact with National Bureaus

The contact In Czech republic with the Bureau is very good, they were very helpful and they already got 80% of the money for the project.

The contact for England is good as well. David went to Northern Ireland for an evaluation meeting. Cumbria want all their schools in a Comeniusproject.

For Romania everything is new. They have heard that they will get the money around half October.

In Holland the contact is also very good. Ingrid helps them to judge new applications for 4 years now.

  1. Comenius in school, who is participating

In Holland we expect that around 6 groups will participate. England will try to involve the classes 6 and 7 and try to get more staff in it as well. Czech Republic and Romania don’t know which classes and which members of staff will participate

We hope that the classes 4 of the Italian school will participate again.

  1. Checking calendar

We did check the calendar, it is sent hereby

  1. Checking addresses

We did check the addresses etc., it is sent hereby

  1. Plans for this school year

·        Two weeks after the meeting Ingrid sends the agreements, the data, the calendar, the questionnaires (for children from age 8-9 till last grade in school and for parents).

·        Every school makes a short visual presentation about the own school and surroundings for the other schools  (latest 30 November)

·        In November head teachers will exchange the results of the safety risks in their own school to compare. (By Email, latest 30 November)

·        Beginning of November: questionnaires for children (from age 8-9 year old) and parents.

·        Half November analysing the results of the questionnaires

·        End of November sending the analyses by Email to the other schools (latest 30 November)

·        From December till February schools will compare the results of the analyses and will make the first edition of a safety protocol for their own school.

·        At the latest the 1st of March we send the safety protocols by Email to the other schools.

·        Schools compare the protocols with the analyses and give comments about it to the schools at the latest at the 11th of March.

·        School can now rewrite the protocols. Finish before half April.

·        During the evaluation meeting we will discus the outcomes.

·        ….

·        We will try to put as much on the website from the project ( as we can: presentations, newsletters, analyses, protocols, reports from visits. Jan will write a paper how to do this (It is working with Frontpage) in November

·        Half November at the latest you send Ingrid a short outline of your school for the newsletter. In the newsletter there will be also a small report about this meeting and the plans for this school year.

·        Ingrid will send the newsletter at the latest the 25th of November. Every school translates it in their own language end then it can be given to staff, parents and other interested people.

·        The second newsletter will be at 20th of May. In this newsletter we will have the co-ordinators present themselves. At the beginning of April Ingrid will send to every co-ordinator a few questions to help them write their part.

·        At the beginning of January Ingrid will send all the schools the information they need for the renewal application. The application form had to be send in before the 1st of February!


·        Extra things are appreciated, like:

·        Pupils designing a “safe school”, by model or on paper

·        Pupil makes drawings / art about safety (in schools or …) Write stories about safety, etc., etc.

·        Holland will implementate “red caps” (older children helping younger children to solve problems, like fights)

·        Children boards of England and Holland can exchange what they are doing by email.

·        In Romania, Czech republic and Holland they celebrate St. Nicolas. Children can exchange how they celebrate this (This has nothing to do with safety, but can be fun anyway)

  1. Website

We will try to make the website as complete as we can. (see above)

  1. Wishes/ Visits

England wants to send some teachers to Holland.

Czech Republic wants to send some teachers to England.

Holland wants to send some teachers to the school and the ski camp in Czech Republic.

  1. Further national and international activities

David goes to Bulgaria on a Arion visit. (How to use Comenius links in the school)

The Romanian school participates in several contests (in several subjects) Florena and her children won a first price in Biology. Florena will go to Vienna in December for that.

One of the Dutch teachers will go to Slovakia for an Arion visit.

Holland will participate in a survey about Comeniusprojects and Jan and Ingrid will go to Dublin in November with ENIS (European Network Innovative Schools)

  1. Future

In April we will have the evaluation meeting in Tichilesti in Romania.

Next school year we hope the Italian school can participate again. One of the meetings will be in Holland.


21 October 2004, Ingrid Luntz-Slooten