San Casciano, Florence, Italy

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Questionnaire results about problems

found out by the children of Primary schools.


 Inside and outside the school building

Most of the children think sharp corners ( tables, radiators, doors, …) are very, very dangerous.

 Many of the children think open windows are very dangerous ( especially in small classrooms ).






Most of the children think no escape safety stairs are absolutely dangerous ( indeed one of the school building, an old  two floors villa, has no escape safety stairs at all ).


 Many children think short fences are very dangerous ( because children can try to climb).

 Out and around the school building

Most of the children think there is a lot of traffic ( parents’ cars ) at the entrance of the school, at the beginning and at the end of the lessons.

Dutch solutions        - top

1. The tables and other objects have sharp corners.

- paste soft material, such as rubber strips on them.


2. The open windows in classrooms are not safe.

- We understand the windows open to the inside, so there is a lot of room necessary to open them.

If there is no need to open them fully, fix some hooks on the side of the window, so the windows can only open a little.

If this makes the room too hot, placing a fan would be a suggestion.

3. There are not enough fire escapes.

- A new fire escape will be very expensive, so we couldn’t think of a good solution right away. There are small fire ladders, made of ropes, which will be less expensive and can work if there is an emergency situation.


4. The fences are too low.

- Create signs which tell children not to climb the fences.

- Put something on the top of the fences, so climbing them won’t be nice.


5.  There is a lot of traffic around the school.

- Arrange for a one-way driving direction in the street. Cars will not block eachother.

- Promote that people will not park in front of the school, but drop-off children and leave, or park elsewhere.

- Promote more children using the same car. Carpooling uses less cars.


English solutions        - top