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Our teachers (and some children in the children's commitee) have discussed the issue of safety in school. We talked with the children about things that need to be improved, so the school will become a safer place.
We would like to give you the three most named problems.
1) The climbing rails
At school we are busy renovating the playground. A new climbing rails has been placed. It is not a big climbing rails compared to the playground. A few accidents heve occured when all the children were outside. This led to a few rules:
- The teacher who is outside is responsible for the climbing rails.
Only children from his or her group are allowed on the climbing rails.
- When there aren't many children on the climbing rails, other children may be allowed to play on it.
Problems are:
- It is hard for the teacher to watch both the playground and the climbing rails, also because a lot of children stay in school too long, for example to put on their coats.
- It happens that the teacher is away for a minute (helping a child), while he or she still is responsible.
2) The entrance for four groups.
Last year the school expanded. Two temporary classrooms have been placed. These are partially located on the playground. The two highest grades are in the classrooms. In the existing building there are two grades four. These four classes all use the same entrance to enter the school. The entrance of the new building is used for outgoing only, because of the sand that is brought in, which sands the floors too much.
Problems are:
- When the schoolbell rings, all children want to go in, the smaller children are being pushed aside.
3) Blocking the road to school by cars.
A lot of children are being taken to school by their parents. Most parents drop off their children and leave quickly. Other parents walk to school with their children, leaving their car in the way.
Problems are:
- The road is blocked, other people can't get through.
4) Coat-hooks.

In the new building, there are just enough hooks for children to put their coat on. Quite a few of the coats end up on the floor.
Problems are:
- The hallway is obstructed, people can't walk properly.
- coats are being stepped on.
We hope you can help us looking for solutions. We would like to receive them at the end of the week of march 15. We are looking forward to your solutions and putting them to work.
Corrie (1/2)
Arjan (8)
Lara (4b)
Sandra (3b)
Robert (1/2/7/music)


English solutions        - top

The Climbing Rails

 You said the teacher is finding it hard to supervise the climbing rails and the playground this makes it sound like you only have one teacher out at one time. Our solutions are:

 1)  Have two or three teachers out on duty at once, one to watch the rails and one or two to watch the playground.

 2)  A rota to stop too many children on at once.

 3)     Only let children on the rails on certain days.

 4)     Use the red hat system of older children helping on the climbing rails.

 5)     Have a softer landing area under the climbing rails.

 6)     Class teachers make sure the children are out of the school building so the break duty staff can go on the playground at the start of break. 

Blocking the road by cars

 At our school we are currently debating the same problem, these are the solutions we are considering:

 1)  Make posters and letters to encourage parents and children to walk.

 2)  If possible build or extend a car park near school.

 3)  A wider road to be built.

 4)  On the spot car parking fines given out by the police.

 5)  Walking and cycling buses around the local area, which means children will be collected at different points on the way to school.  Parents will supervise these buses.

 The entrance for four groups

 We used to have this problem at our school, and it was quite serious because we only have a very small entrance. These were our solutions:

 1)     Have all the year groups lining up in the playground until their teachers tell them to go in.  Only one class at a time leads into school with a teacher.

 2)  Have red hat children supervising the entrance to school to stop children pushing.

 3)  Use another entrance if there is one.

 Coat hooks

 In some cloakrooms we have a similar problem.

 1)      At our school we have children like prefects called red hats, you could have some and tell them to pick up coats and tell children to hang coats up.

 2)     Have bigger coat hooks.

 3)     Install baskets or lockers for storing coats and bags.

 We hope our suggestions are helpful and we all look forward to hearing from you.

 Yours sincerely,

 The children in Years 5 and 6. 

Italian solutions        - top


¨    ask  the older students or  the caretaker to help you looking at the children who stay in school too long or who need a help

¨    have more teachers outside watching  both the climbing rails and  the playground

¨    before going out in the playground all the children must be ready.



¨    children of each grade line up in playground and wait for their teacher to go in

¨    decide an entrance order ( i.e.: first the youngest pupils …)

¨    a teacher or caretaker supervises the children at the entrance of the school



¨     ask retired people to organize a control service of the traffic at the moment the road is busy because  the parents’ cars

¨    build a big car park near the school



¨    ask to put on more pegs in the hallway or put them in the classroom

¨    ask some pupils (in turn) to take care the other children hang their coats up properly

¨    put a wardrobe for storing coats