Kirkby Stephen Primary School, England

Problem - Dutch solutions - Italian solutions


Many of the children at Kirkby Stephen Primary School have been considering the safety issues at our school.  One of the main worries is our staff car park.

1.   The narrow path next to the car park, is hard to walk down for lots of people because itís so narrow, making people walk into the car park.  This could result in someone reversing out of car park, and accidentally running them over. 

2. There is no barrier to stop children from running across the car park.  If the car park had a fence surrounding it, and the teachers had keys.  Would this solve our problem?

3. Buses come from both directions, at the same time, causing congestion making it a danger for children to cross the road.  Cars park on the yellow zigzags, blocking the car park entrance, making it a problem for teachers tying to get in and out the car park. What can we do about the buses?

 Another thing we are worried about is the electric cables that are on the floor when we use the television and laptop computers. We try to cover the cables and put them in safe places but we do not have enough electric sockets in the classroom.

 All these issues have been a worry to us, and we will look forward to hearing your ideas about the matters.  Hopefully you can make some suggestions to solve our problems.

 We have also got some pictures to show you of the road and car-park.

Dutch solutions        - top

1. Children canít go to the buses without crossing the carpark. Multiple buses arriving and parking is dangerous.

- Try to arrange the buses and other traffic to drive in the same direction, so they donít have to takeover or cross eachother.

- Make several places where children can get in. So one bus doesnít have to wait too long for the other.

- Ask people in the neighbourhood not to park near the school at the time of arriving and leaving of the children. There will be more room to spread the waiting children (?)


2. Cables of computer and TV are in the way.

- Paint the cables or tape fluorescent tape on them, so they are more visible, and people will notice them more.

- use easy-to-remove tape to stick the cables to the floor, temporary.


Italian solutions        - top


®    close the path at all and use another way

®    enlarge the path pulling down the wall along the path

®    put up some posters warning children to not run along the path



®    the children agree with you about a fence around the car park



®    you can change the size of the buses and use smaller ones

®    your head teacher  can to  ask retired people or a policeman  to help and control the traffic congestion

®    build a big car park out of the school



®    use a multiple socket and keep it in a safe place of the room; you can fix this multiple socket at the wall;

®    you can make the cables pass through suitable plastic shells made like long flat boxes and fix them on the floor or on the wall.

®    make more electric sockets in each classroom.