Report meeting Comeniusproject “the safe school”, April 2005



- Experiences this school year:

Questionnaires November 2004:

Holland: not many parents responded. We have made an adaptation for the changing before and after gymnastics with the showering, the problem was to get the protocol translated

      England: of course no problems with translation. Safety in and around school has become a big issue. They have got 11.000 euro to get things better. This is used to renew the entrance and the fence. There were already a lot of protocols in school. It was hard to keep in touch with the Rumania people. Email was only possible via Ingrid.

      Czech Republic: had the same problems with the translation as Holland.

More discussion about safety came into the school. Here also not many parents responded, there were not many problems. It was positive to discuss about it with the pupils, it enlarged the self-conscious and responsibility. It was hard to come to conclusions out of the questionnaire.

      Rumania, the same problem, not many parents responded, and here also parents didn’t feel that there were many problems. They had a talk with the police. Children feel safe inside the school, but unsafe outside.

Positive from the project was to get to know other countries and to learn how to use the Internet. They want to involve the pupils more into the project. Children are not used to fill in questionnaires and not all the children understand what the problems are. Here also the positive benefits were through talking with the children about it to enlarge their self-conscious, respect and responsibility.


In spite of the problems in the second half year with the exchange of the protocols, in schools there were lots of discussions about safety in school.


We would like to receive a report from all the partners after teachers visited one of the partner schools for the joined website.


Plans for next school year:

For the third year we arrange a starting meeting in October:

-          It will be in Holland from 6 till 11 October.

-          The yearly calendar will be sent by Email, so everybody can fill in the holidays and extra important date.

-          What to do: design lessons about health, safety, social-emotional behaviour for the ages from 4 till 15. Make a format and exchange the lessons. Where possible make couples from different countries to exchange good ideas. Making videos, pictures and drawings. Also topics as drugs, safety rules, fireworks,  according the Comenius principles (1 picture can tell you more then thousand words)

-          Closing in the third year with: designing a safe school, with a Marquette, posters, videos or PowerPoint presentations.

-          Also designing a game about safety

-          A joined brochure about smoking and drugs or the positive and negative things about school rules. Every school will make 2 or 3 pages using the same format




Coordinators present themselves, an interview with a child of the school and a teacher of the school, a report from the visit to Rumania


New project:

England: want a new project, new partners, want to be the co-ordinating school, maybe a project about ICT?

Czech Republic: has to think about it

Rumania: new project, maybe a language project or a school project

Holland: school project, new partners maybe Portugal, Sweden, Ireland, Belgium, a.o.

Partners can be found via the website  

(There is a link on the comeniussafeschool website)