Meeting in Italy 23 – 4 – 2004


Perhaps there are in August 2004 4 new schools in the project: Czech Republic, 2 from Poland and Rumania.  England (in September) and Italy (beginning June) have to report about the first year. Ingrid will send a short report by mail to the schools.

They can use also the webpage of the Comeniusproject. Working and putting documents by using FrontPage: username “Comenius” and password “safe”. Correction of the red letters in the Newsletter.

The English had an information meeting about Comenius for the parents. We want the try to make next year two newsletters: for the first letter in October we want to have information, what you have done for special things at every school.


Looking back:

England: After the meeting we had the presentations of the schools. The photographs of the schools, very different reports. In the second half year: collecting and solutions of the problems.

Dutch: a Comeniusproject corner: not every teacher, 5 teachers, 4 teachers with the class. The visit of 4 teachers was very good, specially the warm welcome on the English school. Three of 4 are specially trained for the safety of school. Corrie is also teacher for trusts? “Red hats” was therefor very interesting for her.

Italy: It’s difficult to join in for all the children and teachers in the school. They are English teachers. For the first half year they have worked hard to make the presentation of the school. The second half year they searched the problems and the solutions.  Problems to work in English. Only simple words they can understand. They have also the problem they are not the teacher of the class. Only a few times they are in the class (only in teaching hours English and then also other things has to be done). They want to make an exhibition on the three schools of the project.


Next year:

-         Visit to Holland: Thursday 7 October – Monday 11 October. After the permission for the other schools we can make our program for the second year. The date for next year’s evaluationmeeting will be  14 April  - 18 of April. Some Dutch teachers would like to visit Italy around 12 – 19  of February.

-         New ideas: Safe route to the school, trust persons in the school, (see aplicationforms)


Next meeting in October: Calendar – Questionnaire of safety for pupils, parents and teachers. Ingrid will take care of that. 2 Newsletters (Nov./April)

P.S. The Czech school have got  permission for 2004-2005