Rumenia pupils European questionnaire about “Safety at school”

There were given questionnaires about, Safety at school to a number of 21 pupils


1.They feel safe enough at school to:

      Be who they are                                 10

      To give their opinion and to be open     16

 about their religion                           

2.They feel safe:

In their classroom                              10

In  the school building                        14

In the playground                                2

3.They feel safe because school:

Pays attention to the school rules        13

Helps in a good way when they ask    7

Tackles bullying and violence in a        6


4.They feel unsafe in school because of:

Pupils                                                  4

Teachers                                              0

Other people working at school             3

Pupils from other schools                     15


5.They feel unsafe at school because of:

Abusing, calling their names                 2

Threatening by words                          15

Breaking or stealing their things          


6.At school they are discriminated and


Because of what they can do 


7. For others they make it unsafe at  school by:

Threatening with words                       6

8. For others they make it safe or pleasant at school by

            Respecting others for who they            17


            Being kind and thoughtful                      8

            Following school and class rules            6

          Developing a good relationship with        10

          other children                                           

9.The atmosphere in the class:

In their class they can be their             17


          Children respect each other                    8

10.With fights and bullying:

When somebody bothers, they can              7

 say No or Stop it

       When it doesn’t stop they can go help11

       from the teacher

The class can solve fights without violence         9    


European questionnaire about safety at school


There were 11 parents who answered at our questions.


1.)      My children feel safe enough at to :

Be who they are-6

To be open about their religion –7

To give their opinion-11

To choose and to do what they want-7

2.)      My children feel safe :

in the classroom-11

in the school building-6

in the other school rooms-5

in the playground –2

in the neighborhood of the school-0

3.)      My children feel safe because the school :

adheres to the schools rules-10

Helps in a good why when you ask for it-11

Tackles bullying and violence in a good way11

Tackles discrimination-

Has a system established which allows children to express their views and concerns openly(for example-school council)-

4.)      My children feel unsafe in school because of :

pupils –2


other people working at school-

pupils from other schools-7

5.)      My children fell unsafe at school because of :

abusing, calling names-11

threatening by words-11

Breaking or stealing their things-11

Violence(bating or kicking)-11

Threatening with a weapon-


Sexual violence-7

6.)      At school my children are discriminated and/or bullied :

Because of how they look-

Because of what they can do well or not-3

-          Because of their ancestry-

Because of the way they speak and write-

Because they are a lot boy or a girl-

7.)      The atmosphere in the class :

In the class children can themselves safely-10

Children respect each other-9

When children do something well, they get compliments-11

It is normal to ask questions and to criticize constructively-5




1. What types of inappropriate behavior or safety issues are of the greatest concern for our school?

     -absences from the classes


      -the children hate each other because of the material situation of their families


      -the lack of a guardian

       -a school uniform


2. What do you feel the teachers would say were the most common problems that they have related to safety in your child’s school?

 The teachers are interested in the safety problems of the school.

They give good advice for their children, they teach the pupils  how to act in the classroom and outside the classroom.



3. What do you feel is the most common problem related to pupil behavior or safety?

     -the lack of education

     -the lack of a guardian

     -the violence

     -the wickedness

     -some children don’t listen their teachers


4. When you come to school during evenings do you feel safe?

         The parents feel safe.


5. Can you give solutions for the safety problems from above?

     -a guardian or a police-man

     -to involve the mayor in the school’s problems


6. How do you think your child helps to make school a safe and pleasant place?

    -the presence to all classes

    -an adequate vocabulary

    -the school-to be like a family

    -the respect towards children and teachers

    -the adornment of the classrooms

    -to remove the bad influences from outside


7. Are you willing to talk about safety matters as above with the head teacher or other staff member?



Conclusions Rumenia

It is very cosiderable evidence that the problem of the safety risks it's not an easy approach.In a way, it sounds quite a risky approach to take, but there may be times when we'll find it both efficient and appropriate.

Our school can illustrate both the strength and the weakness and every information about the safety risks is essential.Our children feel safe in the school building, but they feel unsafe in the playground.They fear about some strange persons and some pupils from other schools.They can choose what they want to do but there are problems with the acces to information(especially computers). Maybe that's why they choose a wrong way.Some of them become violent or agressive, some of them choose to do nothing for the school. Also, some T.V programmes have a bad influence towards them, they spend too much hours in front of T.V and they forget about their duties for the school.


The parents think that the greatest concern for our school are the absences from the classes, the violence, the wickedness, the lack of a guardian, a police man.

They ask for better conditions in school and the greatest concern is the guardian.In the school matters it should be involved the mayor and the local authorities. The needs of the school are big, but the school budget is insufficient.This thing affects the development of some activities.Although we tried to co-operate with them, they are restrictive to new.

With all the efforts the school do, not all the parents imply in the school's problems and they don't offer any solution.

We hope we pass by these unsafe moments and enjoy our school's life.


Headmaster-Dinca Nicoleta.