A short outline of our schools

The Circolo Didattico San Casciano includes three primary schools located in three different villages:

N. Machiavelli Primary school is in S. Casciano V.P;







 the other two Primary schools are

one in Mercatale





  and one in Cerbaia.





 The infant schools are located in each village of the area.

The age of the children is from 3 to 11.

They can attend the infant school for 3 years  but they must go to the primary school for 5 years.

There are about 1200 pupils (primary school: 33 classes;  infant school: 15 groups).

There are 70 primary teachers and 34 infant teachers. We have special teachers for gymnastics, foreign language, ICT, religion and special needs.

There are at least two caretakers in each school building.

Our schools are situated in the heart of Chianti Classico, about 20 kms far from Florence.

We have one ICT room in San Casciano, one in Mercatale and one in Cerbaia. All the pupils can have access to the computers only with their teacher.

We have had an Internet connection for five years, but only in San Casciano.

Our pupils visit museums, theatres and concerts.