Description Beatrixschool


The school has on this moment 12 groups of children with in total around 315 pupils:

The school has 20 teachers, 13 of them are working part-time, That can differ from two to four days a week.


We have a gymnastic teacher for the most of the week. She teaches the children in smaller groups. For P.E. half a group goes to the gymnasium (which is in school), the other half stays with the own teacher.






We also have a teacher for Special Needs. She is working full time, but has one morning teaching hours. She doesnít help children individually , but she is working for the teachers. She takes care that all the tests are done and plans are made for helping the children (children who can do more and who can do less then the rest of the group)








We have one administrator (she is as working some hours as a teaching assistant), one class-assistant, one care-taker and a cleaning couple.


The management on our school consists of two head teachers. This is not very common in the Netherlands. But it is because of senior policy out of the community of Haarlem. In Holland there is a big lack of teachers and also of head teachers. To keep the experience of the older head teacher and to make it easier to start as a head teacher it was made possible for us to do it together.

We both teach one day a week.




We are a public school, that means that we are not a Catholic or Christian school. We have with all the public primary schools in Haarlem one school board, with 1 managing director and an Educational Service Office to support us.

Parents are mostly high qualified and work both.

In all Primary schools in the Netherlands there is a school board with members of staff and parents. In our school this board consists of 3 members of staff and 3 parents. They have to confirm a lot of decisions we as a school make. They have to approve, for instance, about the teaching hours. Who will be at what grade , etc.


When a teacher works full time he or she has to work 1659 hours a year. A part timer has a proportional division. These hours are divided in teaching hours, hours for preparing, correcting, talking with parents, etc, etc, all things for the own group. There are also a certain number of hours that has to be used for in service training (this can be study courses, but is also for reading relevant materials), the rest of the hours are for things that go beyond the own class. Things like training the football team, or organizing the Christmas celebration.

One of these duties is being the confidential agent. We have two of them. Two female teachers (one of kindergarten and the teacher P.E.) are not only the confidential persons they also are in responsible for the children board. This board consists of two children from grade 5, 6, 7 and 8. The children are elected at the beginning of each school year and they have a meeting every month. The children can decide themselves what they want to talk about.

Our school started an in-service training for the whole team this year. This training will continue for 3 till 5 years. We want to change into adaptive education. Working with day plans to week plans in the higher grades. So that children can find their own way through the subjects. The meaning is that the teacher has more time this way to help the children individually or in small groups. Children can work more on their own level and have more time to do work of their own choice.


Safety matters