The day of St. Nicolae Rumenia


The day represents a great day for our school. St.Nicolae is the spiritual saint of our school.

The staff and the children go to church, them the children organize a celebration with carols , poems, popular dances. The teachers organize a small party with traditional meal in order to relax and talk about future plans. This week, the children make some greetings cards, make decorations and tinsel for the firtree. All the people use mistletoe for their dinner to bring them luck. The children get presents from the school, church and their homes.

 Greetings Anca and Florena


St. Nicolas Czech

We celebrate St.Nicolas Day on 6th December every year. St.Nicolas and his group go through our villages and towns in the evening on 5th December.
A young people become angels, devils, St.Nicolas and "Mikulenka" for one night. They visit all the houses, where children wait for them. St.Nicolas asks about child's sins and children have to prey, say a poem or sing a song. Then they must promise, that they are going to improve their behaviour next year. "Mikulenka" girl gives them some cakes or sweets, or walnuts and devils give a piece of coal to naughtly children. Devils shake with chains to scare kids and they want to put kids into their bags and take them to the hell, too.
We celebrate St.Nicolas at school too.
Pupils from the 9th class get dressed as angeles, devils and St.Nicolas and visit each class of our school. They ask the teacher, who is naughty and they wanted to "take him or her" to the hell.
Then they give some sweets to "kind pupils".As soon as they have visited classes, St.Nicolas and his group go to our kindergarten. These small children are looking forward to angels and "Mikulenka" and they are afraid of devils. So, they say poems or sing carols to keep devils away.