Comeniusproject "The Safe School" 2003 - 2006


Report and agreements

In the beginning of October 2003 representatives of three European schools met in England. Here they had their first conference about their project " the Safe School".

These people were for Italy Mrs. Giovanna Lucchesi (head teacher), Mrs. Gabry Romity and Mrs. Maria Rosa Toscano (both English teachers and co-ordinators of the project.

For England Mr. Michael Buckler (head teacher) and Mr. David Moore (co-ordinator of the project)

And for the Netherlands Mr. Jan van Leeuwen (one of the head teachers) and Mrs. Ingrid Luntz-Slooten (the other head teacher and co-ordinator of the project).

The project is a School development Project. This means that for a big part the management of the schools are responsible for it. But we like to involve the children of our schools as well. And later on also the parents.

The most important thing for most schools is the contact between the children of each school and the teachers.

We divide the school year in two parts.

First part:

  1. Exchange a subscription about the school organisation. (How many groups, how many teachers, which special teachers, what does the school do about safety, etc., etc.)
  2. Making a presentation about the school (video, PowerPoint, or something like that) with short lines in English about was is to be seen on the presentation.
  3. Children can introduce their school is several ways. Like "how does a day in school looks like".
  4. Children can make pictograms about safety.

We send each other these things (by normal mail or Email) at the latest at the first of December 2003!

Second part:

  1. With children see which problems at the subject of Safety are the most important, exchange and try to solve them with help of the other schools.
  2. Time schedule:

Week of 8 March 2004: Talk with the children and see which safety problems are the most important.

Week of 15 March 2004: send the problems to the other schools, talk with the children about the problems in the other schools

Week of 22 March 2004: Sending the solutions to the other schools

Week of 29 March 2004: Talking in the own school about the solutions the other school gave for their problems. See what we can do with it and try to solve the problems

At the latest at the week of 19 April 2004: Tell the other schools what we did with their solutions and how the problems are solved (or why it is not solved yet)

We will have a special website for this project

We will try to make it work at the latest at January 2004. It is important to give information by Email.

Ingrid will make a newsletter in English about the project. She will use the information from the first part of the project, tell something about Mr. Comenius (Jan Amos Komensky from Czech Republic). Also some things of the second part of the year can be used.

She will write it in Dutch, translate it in English send it to England for correction. After that it can be translated in Italian by the Italian school.

It will be ready before the meeting in Italy.

This newsletter is for parents, teachers, councillors, school boards, inspections and the like. This newsletter (in English) will be on the joined website.

We will ask teachers if they are interested in a study trip to a partner school. We will try to keep that as cheap as possible ( making use of youth hostels of stay with colleagues).

In April we will go to the Italian school for a evaluation meeting about the first year. It will be from 22 April till 27 April 2004.

Second year - Conference in Holland - the same timetable - Sub theme: "safe in history" (first half year) - second half another round with safety problems (try to involve parents as well) and management part

Third year - "safe in the future"