The third Comeniusproject of the Beatrixschool is a school development project for management, teachers, parents and pupils. The idea is from the project "De veilige school" (The safe school) by Bob Hofman with schools from the Netherlands, Suriname and South- Africa. In 2002 Bob explained the project at an international seminar in Rolduc (Holland) and in September 2002 he visited our school 0n behalf of iEARN-Netherlands together with Roland Kok, at a study day. We have used the theme for a new Comeniusproject with minimal 3 European countries. We know already an English school of an ARION visit and the Czech school of our second project was interested. In the beginning a French school in Paris was interested but the most of the teachers were not involved to the project. At the dealine of 1 February 2003 two Italian schools (Rome and Florence) and a school from Greece(Thessaloniki). So we had a request for 6 schools. Finally got after the summer 2003 holidays 3 schools permission for the project: the o.b.s. Beatrixschool (Netherlands), the Kirkby Stephenschool (England) and the primary school San Casciano (Florence in Italy).

For the second year two new schools are participating in the project:  the Scuaola Tichilesti from Braila in  Rumania and the Zakladni school from Kobyli in Czech. Last school was alreadywell-known by the Beatrixschool, by their membership of our second Comeniusproject 1999-2002.

Unfortunately the Italian school from San Casciano can't participate the second year by a not well  filled in formular. It's to be hoped they will join us the third and last year.